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Building a Resilient Sector

9/24/2014 |

“Innovation is a fad.” Sound familiar? Richard Evans debunks the myths around innovation and identifies how grantmakers can support adaptive change. Read more.
Grantmakers in the Arts, Fall 2013 

A Message About Our Changes

7/8/2014 |

Learn more about how The Barra Foundation is evolving and adapting to further innovation in Greater Philadelphia.

We Imagine

7/8/2014 |

The Barra Foundation has a vision for Greater Philadelphia, inspired by leaders and dreamers like you.
Video by REMADE | July 2014

Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From 

7/7/2014 |

People often credit their ideas to individual “Eureka!” moments. But in his TED talk, Steven Johnson shows how history tells a different story.
TED, 2010

Barra Awardees Making Connections

7/3/2014 |

They’re two very different organizations, but it took Barra Awardees BalletX and University City District just an introductory conversation to see the partnership possibilities. Click here to see this Flickr album.
Photos by Mark Garvin, 
May 2014 Grantees: BalletX and University City District, 2013 Barra Awards

Designing a New Kind of High School

7/3/2014 |

Chip Linehan and Laura Shubilla are the founders of Building 21, a new secondary school in the School District of Philadelphia designed to adapt to all learners and help them pursue their interests while preparing for college success. Read more.
Harvard Graduate School of Education, April 2014 | Grantee: Building 21, Catalyst Fund 2014

The Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation

7/3/2014 |

As the strategic philanthropy movement has swept across the field, many grantmakers have lost their appetite for funding experimental and innovative projects. Read more.
Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2014 

For Striving Students, a Connection to Money

7/3/2014 |

With some social problems, information or logistical gaps keep solutions from those who need them. Finding ways to connect supply and demand can be a cost-effective solution — Single Stop is an example. Read more.
The New York Times, March 2014 | Grantee: Single Stop, Catalyst Fund 2013

The Philadelphia Story

7/3/2014 |

Things are looking up, operatically speaking, in the City of Brotherly Love. Read more.
Opera News, March 2014 | Grantee: Opera Philadelphia, Catalyst Fund 2013

White House Makes College a Priority for Low-Income Students

7/3/2014 |

Nonprofit groups say they’re ready to help students navigate the Byzantine college admission and financial aid processes. Read more.
National Public Radio, January 2014 | Grantee: College Possible, Catalyst Fund 2013

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