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2/18/2016 |

Art-Reach developed and tested a new program to increase cultural access among low-income individuals by offering low cost admission opportunities at participating museums to ACCESS cardholders. The program was implemented through a diverse group of cultural organizations, providing access to venues in a range of locations, appealing to a diversity of tastes, and appropriate for various ages.

Update:  During its pilot year, Art-Reach surpassed their goal of partnering with 10 local museums and bringing 2,500 ACCESS card holders through their doors.  Instead, 20 local museums became partners in the program and welcomed nearly 26,000 ACCESS cardholding visitors.  These 20 venues continued their participation in year two and an additional 10 sites were added. Interviews with participants indicate that the program is having its desired impact by providing an opportunity for people to visit who would not otherwise be able to do so.

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