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12/21/2017 |

The Barnes sees enormous opportunity in testing the idea of “museum as hub”—to have a traditional museum as the center, but to then have spokes that reach into and engage individuals directly in their communities. The Barnes will undertake a multi-faceted project that seeks to overcome barriers to visitation, in particular a lack of familiarity, by leveraging its new Art Team and using technology, outreach, strategic partnerships and community engagement.  The Art Team—a newly hired group of diverse art historians who activate the collection galleries through discussion with visitors—will hold meetups at neighborhood libraries. Following a virtual reality tour at the library that will build familiarity, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in an escorted visit to the Barnes. The group will be guided into the collection by the same Art Team leader who led their session at the library, providing consistency across both venues. This creative, low-resource approach attempts to address the universal challenge of expanding and diversifying audiences, from a different angle.  The Barnes aims to share its approach and learnings in order to further change in the field.

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