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Congreso de Latinos Unidos

2/18/2016 |

Building upon cultural strengths of the Latino community, Congreso tested whether their health and fitness program has better outcomes when classes include the whole family and/or mobile technology and social media. Temple University’s Department of Public Health and the Center on Obesity Research and Education evaluated the interventions. Read more about Congreso’s project here.

Update: Congreso completed their ambitious pilot and shared several challenges and course-corrections they faced along the way. Congreso contacted hundreds of potential participants, but found the number of eligible participants were far below what they had anticipated. In addition to increasing their capacity for outreach, they found that the multiple components of the program design also required greater staff capacity than originally anticipated. The evaluation, provided by Temple University, was one of the most valuable aspects of the program, but it too presented challenges as the evaluation’s effective design required adaptations to the program design. Congreso incorporated many of the lessons-learned from this model into its other organizational programs and continues to seek funding to make Healthy Movimientos the norm in health and fitness programming.

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