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Single Stop USA

2/18/2016 |

Combining proprietary software and deep local partnerships, Single Stop will help students at Community College of Philadelphia identify all available financial resources to help them stay in school. Identified by GreenLight Fund as a valuable innovation for the region, the Barra grant will help launch Single Stop at the college. The college will pay to continue the model through revenue saved in tuition dollars.

Update: As of October 2014, Single Stop and their partners had screened 1,424 students for government benefits and connected them to $2,483,733 in supports, tax refunds and services. Single Stop’s impact on students’ educational success is also a critical indicator of whether their model will contribute to long-term financial self-sufficiency and they have begun to measure educational advancement using semester-to-semester persistence and credit completion data. Single Stop’s collaborative and mutually-beneficial partnership with Community College of Philadelphia has become a best practice in Single Stop’s national growth strategy. Local organizations, including the Campaign for Working Families, Community Legal Services and the Health Federation of Philadelphia, have also played an important role in the modernized system’s success.

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