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Springboard Collaborative

2/18/2016 |

Springboard plans to further test and develop its highly successful, low-cost literacy model which transforms the summer break from a time of learning loss to a time of gain by making parental engagement a core element. Springboard trains schools’ existing teachers to work with parents to teach children literacy skills. This approach builds lasting results by developing teachers’ instructional skills and engaging parents in their child’s learning.

Update:  Since launching in 2011, Springboard has expanded to Oakland, CA and grown its reach from 42 to 1,970 students. During the summer of 2015, Springboard participants replaced what could have been a 3-month reading loss with a 3.3-month reading gain. In addition to its summer reading program that engages parents in training workshops to become effective literacy coaches, Springboard has added Springboard Schoolyear, which trains teachers to effectively target instruction and coach families in order to accelerate struggling readers’ progress during the academic year.  During Summer 2016, Springboard@home will be piloted. This program will provide families with customized libraries and literacy training to maintain and develop their children’s reading skills over the summer. This lighter-touch intervention aims to prevent summer regression for students already reading at grade-level.

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