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Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art

2/18/2016 |

Temple Contemporary, along with its partners the Conservation Center of Art and Historic Artifacts and WHYY, designed the “Restoring Ideals” project to address Philadelphia’s evolving relationship to its founding ideals of tolerance, equality and independence. Their creative and multifaceted approach involved ten organizations chosen from 25 through a public, online poll hosted on WHYY’s website. Each of the ten picked an object from their archives emblematic of these historic ideals to be conserved by professionals at Temple Contemporary. Through this public process conservation was presented as an important way of preserving current work to serve as an example of our shared values both today and in the future.

Update: Over 16,000 people voted for the initial videos on WHYY, giving a tremendous boost to the awareness of the 25 organization. Over 9,000 people visited the exhibition at Temple Contemporary providing further exposure to the themes underlying “Restoring Ideals.”

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