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OUR Crisis

6/4/2020 |

In March, we reached out to you when the COVID-19 crisis descended upon us.  Even though we are still in the midst of addressing the negative effects of the pandemic,  today we’re reaching out again as we face another crisis that is affecting our cities and shaking  our nation to its core—and it should.   The crisis we are facing is not new, it is embedded in hundreds of years of systemic racism which we must stand up against in our personal lives and our professional roles.  (read the full message)

Acting Bigger & Adapting Better in a Networked World

4/16/2015 |

Monitor Institute’s “What’s Next for Philanthropy”

takes an honest look at philanthropy and provides ten emerging best practices to help move foundations into a modern era of grantmaking. Because, as they point out: “Philanthropy today takes place in a context that is radically different from the environment in which many of its current practices and behaviors were developed. Yet many of philanthropy’s core practices and principles remain essentially unchanged from the way they were done a hundred years ago, when Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller first created the foundation form.” Click here to read the report.

Monitor Institute, July 2010 

New Barra Directors

3/24/2015 |

The Barra Foundation’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce its four newest members: Matthew Bergheiser, Donna Marie De Carolis, Ph.D., Valerie V. Gay and Laura A. Williamson.

Click here to read their biographies.

Building a Resilient Sector

9/24/2014 |

“Innovation is a fad.” Sound familiar? Richard Evans debunks the myths around innovation and identifies how grantmakers can support adaptive change. Read more.
Grantmakers in the Arts, Fall 2013 

The Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation

7/3/2014 |

As the strategic philanthropy movement has swept across the field, many grantmakers have lost their appetite for funding experimental and innovative projects. Read more.
Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2014 

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