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For Striving Students, a Connection to Money

7/3/2014 |

With some social problems, information or logistical gaps keep solutions from those who need them. Finding ways to connect supply and demand can be a cost-effective solution — Single Stop is an example. Read more.
The New York Times, March 2014 | Grantee: Single Stop, Catalyst Fund 2013

The Philadelphia Story

7/3/2014 |

Things are looking up, operatically speaking, in the City of Brotherly Love. Read more.
Opera News, March 2014 | Grantee: Opera Philadelphia, Catalyst Fund 2013

White House Makes College a Priority for Low-Income Students

7/3/2014 |

Nonprofit groups say they’re ready to help students navigate the Byzantine college admission and financial aid processes. Read more.
National Public Radio, January 2014 | Grantee: College Possible, Catalyst Fund 2013

Today’s Disruptors and Tomorrow’s Brightest Stars in Education

7/3/2014 |

Alejandro Gac-Artigas: This former 1st grade teacher turned social entrepreneur’s goal is to close the literacy gap by transforming the summer from a barrier into a springboard for financially disadvantaged students and families. Read more.
Forbes “30 Under 30”, 2014 | Grantee: Springboard Collaborative, Catalyst Fund 2013

DIY Toolkit for Social Innovators

7/3/2014 |

This is a toolkit on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results. It’s quick to use, simple to apply, and designed to help busy people working in development. Read more.
Rockefeller Foundation

Advancing the Dream by Shrinking the Skills Gap 

7/3/2014 |

Nearly 10 million Americans are still unemployed even though some 4.5 million jobs are unfilled right now. What’s the issue? It’s called the skills gap. Read more.
MSNBC, PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, October 2013 | Grantee: University City District, Catalyst Fund 2013

Being Regional for a Reason

7/3/2014 |

More than just the first official new play program in our theater’s thirty-eight year history, New Play Frontiers is an investment in cross-sector partnerships, community reciprocity and organizational re-invention. Read more.
Howlround, March 2013 | Grantee: People’s Light & Theatre, Catalyst Fund 2013

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