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Mission-Aligned Investing Grants

Grant funding that helps strengthen the viability and impact of a mission-aligned investment

Barra provides patient, risk-tolerant and flexible mission-aligned investment capital to advance the foundation’s mission and values. In some cases, to help strengthen the viability and impact of a certain mission-aligned investment, Barra will also deploy complementary mission-aligned grant funding either at the same time as the investment or a later date during the lifetime of the investment.

The Fountain Fund

$150,000 | 12 months

The Fountain Fund was founded in 2017 with the mission of increasing economic opportunities for the formerly incarcerated to improve their lives and remain in their communities. The Fountain Fund provides low-interest microloans that help their client partners (i.e., borrowers) build credit and achieve self-determined goals. Loan amounts range from $250 to $15,000, and interest rates are set at five percent, or three percent if client partners use ACH transfers to receive their loan proceeds. This incentive is designed to help bring client partners into the financial mainstream by establishing a bank account. The average loan size in 2022 has been approximately $4,000. Most loans have a three-year term. In addition to affordable loans, the Fountain Fund requires that client partners receive financial education to provide them with a solid understanding and knowledge base about building credit. The Fund partners with community-based organizations to provide financial education to its client partners. With a substantial financial and social capital investment from GreenLight Fund Philadelphia, The Fountain Fund is in the final stages of preparation to expand its operations into Philadelphia in Q1 2023.

Greenline Access Capital

$250,000 | 12 months

To address gaps in Philadelphia’s entrepreneurial support ecosystem, Greenline Access Capital (Greenline) was founded in 2021 to provide access to flexible capital and holistic support services to small businesses and entrepreneurs from immigrant and historically underserved communities that have been inadequately served by existing networks of lenders and service providers. Greenline is a nonprofit loan fund (and emerging CDFI) serving Philadelphia founded on the principle of providing equitable access to financial resiliency and wealth through entrepreneurship. Greenline provides character-based microloans ranging from $500 to $25,000 along with technical assistance and support services. Greenline customizes its technical assistance for clients by working with them to identify their specific entrepreneurial and financial goals and then building individualized plans that integrate capital, capacity and access to resources necessary for goal attainment. Greenline staff assist clients with implementing their plans and offer groups trainings and workshops to further complement this customized technical assistance.