Barra Awards

Past Awards

Since 2013, the Barra Awards have supported exemplary organizations from across the five-county Greater Philadelphia region.

By exhibiting qualities of leadership, performance and adaptability, these organizations have demonstrated that they are keeping pace with a changing environment and continually looking for ways to be more effective in strengthening the communities they serve. We are grateful to the leaders who have served as past nominators, helping the Foundation identify the organizations that are having the greatest impact in their fields and communities.



Alain Oliver

Amanda Jefferson

Ami Patel Hopkins

Beatriz Garces

Chaya Scott

Chinwe Onyekere

David Bradley

Denise Ashe

Douglas Miller

Elizabeth L. Useem, Ed.D.

Erin Bernard

Erin Reilly

Gary Bell

Helen Haynes

J. Rudy Flesher

Jamie Gauthier

Janet Riley-Ford

Kathleen M. Shaw, Ph.D.

Kathy Sykes

Kim Kirn

Maria DiBello

Mark Schwartz

Nicholas Torres, M.Ed.

Philip Fitzgerald

Rita Buckley Connolly

Rob Lukens, Ph.D.

Selina Morales

Tamela Luce

Thoai Nguyen

Tony Valdés



Amanda Bergson-Shilcock

Amy Friedlander

Arun Prabhakaran

Brian Armstead

Candace E. Bell, Ph.D.

Clemens Pietzner

Dennis W. Creedon

Frances Sheehan

Gavin Kerr

Gayle Isa

Grace Grillet

Helen Cunningham

Jeri Lynne Johnson

Jolley Bruce Christman

Joseph Pyle

Julie Avalos

Julie Hawkins

Kelly Woodland

Laura Kind McKenna

Laura Otten, Ph.D.

Laura Weinbaum

Linda Katz

Lois Welk

Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

Martha Davis

Michael Norris

Michelle Angela Ortiz

Nan Feyler

Prudence Haines

Rochelle Nichols-Solomon

Romana Lee-Akiyama

Stacy Holland

Tatiana Garcia-Granados

Valerie Gay

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