Catalyst Fund

Catalyst Fund

Don’t re-invent the wheel. There are many services and programs for individuals and communities that work—and work well. These approaches are critically important, but they are not for the Catalyst Fund.

Instead, the Catalyst Fund is intended to support ideas and initiatives in their early stages of development. We recognize the need to provide financial support for risk-taking; challenges to old assumptions; and new models for accomplishing important work in the social sector.

The ideas we are looking for can be big or small. They may fall into one of our four areas of interest (Arts & Culture, Education, Health and Human Services), they also may cross one or more. And they don’t have to be safe—we are interested in risk-taking.

We also encourage organizations to explore the types of novel ideas we fund by reading the stories in the Get Inspired section of our website and by reviewing Current Grants and Past Grants.

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