Project Grants

Project Grants are focused on our four areas of interest—Arts & Culture, Human Services, Health and Education.  There are specific objectives for Project Grants for each program area.

In addition to the program area objectives, requests for Project Grants will be evaluated based on the extent to which they meet the criteria for Project Grants. In the spirit of the founder's passion for innovation, evaluation and dissemination, the Foundation has a particular interest in funding projects or initiatives that:

  • Demonstrate a novel way to approach emerging, current or persistent issues
  • Will be more effective than existing or past solutions
  • Will provide meaningful and measurable results
  • Can demonstrate a reasonable plan for sustainability
  • Have the potential to be widely adopted or to catalyze change in a particular field

The initiatives eligible for Project Grants focus on collaborative efforts in the arts and culture communities; exemplary schools and enrichment programs that are making significant strides and impact in education; greater access to community-based health promotion and health education in low-income communities; and programs that assist vulnerable populations who are in transition. Please visit the following sections of our website for more information on funding priorities in each of our program areas: Arts & Culture, Human Services, Health and Education.

Project Grants usually range from $50,000 to $150,000. Project Grants are not intended to provide funds for general operating support.  For more information about our grantmaking guidelines, please visit our FAQ page.

To apply, please click here.