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What Guides Our Work

Our approach to philanthropy is guided by the following principles.

Supporting innovation is a process and different from transactional, traditional grantmaking.

  • Curiosity, risk, failure, learning and sharing are part of the innovation process.
  • Leadership matters and can be catalytic.
  • At times, innovation comes from non-traditional actors and unlikely partnerships.
  • Experimentation, inspiration and imagination are important components of innovation.
  • Financial support and other resources are needed for individuals and organizations to challenge assumptions, take risks and develop new models.
  • Building trust can encourage frank discussions about risk and failure.

Diversity and equity are critical to the innovation we support.

  • Diversity of ideas, people and insights can spur innovation and lead to more equitable solutions.
  • Projects and initiatives should aim to significantly improve the lives of under-resourced individuals, families and communities.
  • We recognize that there are several systemic root causes of poverty, including systemic racism, which have perpetuated structural inequity.
  • Wisdom and knowledge come from being proximate to issues, problems and opportunities.
  • It is important to listen to, engage with and respond to the sector, and communities, in which we operate.

How we work is as important as what we fund.

  • To address the needs and opportunities in under-resourced communities, we will consider equity not just in what we fund, but also in our operational practices.
  • Our four areas of interest (Arts & Culture, Education, Health and Human Services) are used to help us organize our work, but we recognize the overlap among them—and resist making them rigid lines of work.
  • We aim to practice what we preach and utilize next practices in philanthropy, such as impact investing, that have the potential to create bold, more durable change in the social sector.
  • We seek to build and support networks and learning that advance early-stage bold, transformative change.
  • Our mission guides the majority of our efforts. However, we recognize the need at times for foundations to act swiftly and collaboratively to respond to urgent needs or to be a responsible civic partner.