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Temple University, Center for Public History

2/18/2016 |

Started in 2013 as an experiment in engaging neighborhoods in documenting their public history, the Philadelphia Public History Truck is a neighborhood-minded mobile museum that records neighborhood stories and makes them accessible by turning them into an art exhibit. The Center for Public History investigated creating a formal graduate level program based on the History Truck concept in support of the Center’s mission to raise awareness of Philadelphia’s recent past and train historians for work beyond academia.

Update: During the grant period Philadelphia Public History Truck engaged with 16 community organizations and served over 2,000 real and virtual users.  Participants in North Philadelphia programs considered issues such as race, power, violence and economic disparity during block parties and other events.  This work culminated in the exhibition They Say They Gonna Build.  History Truck received extensive coverage including 20 print exclusives and three radio features.  While the Center continues to develop its plans for how History Truck will fit into its curriculum, other schools around the country are beginning to adopt the model.

In February 2016, The Philadelphia Public History Truck, the project’s founder Erin Bernard and Temple University Center for Public History were awarded the 2016 Outstanding Public History Project Award from the National Council on Public History.

The Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia

2/18/2016 |

PhillyGoes2College, a project of The Mayor’s Office of Education, launched Connect2College (C2C), an initiative featuring a web-based app and text messaging tool that provide users with college access information.  The online and mobile tools supplement and enhance C2C’s work with community-based organizations to provide on-site college planning information.  This new approach utilizes scarce resources more efficiently to provide citywide access to information and to foster a college-going culture.

Update:  Through C2C, The Mayor’s Office of Education has strengthened 24 organization’s capacity to offer college access resources and services.  Awareness of C2C has grown and more residents are accessing C2C through the website, the texting platform, at partner sites and through one-on-one appointments with C2C staff. From the launch in January 2015 through October 2015, the website had 6,962 users, the texting platform had 428 subscribers, the Facebook page had 1982 likes and there were 242 new Twitter followers demonstrating the reach of C2C’s message.

Building 21

2/18/2016 |

Funding supported the planning and fall 2014 implementation of Building 21. Building 21 is an innovative new school model that seeks to engage and motivate students in a way that is consistent with the expectations of our technology-focused society, and endow students with critical skills and academic content in a rigorous fashion. Read more about Building 21 on our Get Inspired page.

Update: Building 21 opened in September 2014 with its first class of 150 ninth graders.  The school will add a grade each year.  Students are benefiting from Building 21’s initial anchor partnerships with the Vetri Foundation and Temple University and one-to-one access to Chrome Books.  In partnership with the School District of Philadelphia’s Office of New School Models, Building 21 has developed supporting materials for their competency based model which personalizes learning for students through the use of adaptive technology, project-based and applied learning experiences.

Project Based Learning, Inc. in support of The Workshop School

2/18/2016 |

A national model for project-based learning, the Workshop School will establish Workshop Industries, a school-based business incubator that will allow students to go to the next step in idea development—actually creating and executing business and marketing plans and delivering products. Through a ten-week entrepreneur course and ongoing work at the incubator, students will be exposed to engineering, science, math, marketing, product design, finance, sales and supply chain management.

Monell Chemical Senses Center

2/18/2016 |

How do you get kids to eat healthy food? Tackling that age-old quandary will require the right set of partners. Smell and taste behavioral scientists of Monell teamed up with The Vetri Foundation to test whether combining accepted science and delicious cuisine can catalyze healthier eating in America’s public schools.

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

2/18/2016 |

The Cultural Alliance will develop Phillyfunpass, a free, patron loyalty card for visitors to participating cultural venues.  Data gathered from Phillyfunpass will allow the Cultural Alliance to see patterns of cultural participation across the sector and at individual organizations to gain a better understanding of consumer habits. The Cultural Alliance will share data to foster innovative audience outreach strategies that are based on knowledge rather than assumptions.


2/18/2016 |

Kiva leverages technology and the Internet to allow individuals to lend as little as $5 online to help entrepreneurs across the globe build their businesses. Barra’s grant helped bring this innovation to Philadelphia—enabling low-income entrepreneurs and microenterprises to access Kiva’s network of 1.3 million global lenders. Funding supported costs associated with Kiva’s launch and first two years of operations. By Year 3, Kiva Zip Philadelphia aims to support 300 borrowers through approximately $1.5 million in 0% interest loans. Read more about Barra’s grant to support Kiva Zip Philadelphia here.

Fund for The School District of Philadelphia

2/18/2016 |

Funding supports The School District of Philadelphia’s School Redesign Initiative which provides school stakeholders with the time, resources and support needed to develop and implement research-based school redesigns that will accelerate student learning.

Philadelphia Young Playwrights

2/18/2016 |

Philadelphia Young Playwrights will undertake the 1219 Vine Project to activate new levels of partnership with the Asian Arts Initiative and Mural Arts Program to create a model for deep and lasting collaborative work.  The project harnesses the momentum of transformation in the Chinatown North neighborhood and will culminate in one or more community-centered events and/or artistic works.  By integrating their resources and skills for the purposes of the project, a model for collaborative practice may be established that can be adopted and adapted by other organizations nationwide and inspire innovative thinking around other creative placemaking efforts.

Pathways to Housing PA

2/18/2016 |

There is currently no system in place to help staff of charitable organizations provide furniture to homeless clients who are moving into new homes. Searching for and delivering low-cost or free furniture creates a bottleneck in housing placements and prolongs the time that people live in an emergency shelter or temporary housing. For hundreds of nonprofit organizations, this approach costs precious staff time and scarce resources. To solve this problem, Pathways to Housing PA and its partners will launch a large-scale, tech-savvy system to redistribute cast-off furnishings at no cost to families and individuals in need: Philadelphia Furniture Bank.

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