About Barra

The Barra Foundation invests in innovation to inspire change that strengthens communities in the Greater Philadelphia region.

The Urgency of Innovation

Change is uncomfortable. Resources are scarce. The world is changing rapidly. Innovation can be risky. But organizations that go on autopilot can fall into stale, unimaginative thinking. They need to push beyond the status quo to be better, stronger and more effective. Yet there are few resources available to encourage individuals and organizations to break through and find new ways of doing things.

That’s where Barra comes in. We want to invest in innovation that seeks to drive positive change to address the needs of low-income populations in the region and promote a continued vibrant cultural community. Innovation is in our DNA—and has been since 1963. We are all about ingenuity. And we know from our experience that there are many smart, creative thinkers in our region tackling problems and seizing opportunities in new and different ways. We want to support your efforts to use innovation to make this region stronger.

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