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June 2023 $400,000 / 36 Months

Via the Philadelphia Agreement, Art-Reach is establishing a set of new, groundbreaking standards for arts access in Philadelphia and facilitating the uptake of these standards in organizations across the cultural sector. The most recent U.S. Census shows that over 16% of Philadelphians identify as disabled—over 250,000 people. Unfortunately, people with disabilities still experience exclusion in many areas of life – including the arts, one of greatest avenues for people to learn, develop, find interests, and experience personal growth. Through this project, Art-Reach is testing whether by (a) conducting a community-driven planning process that centers the lived experience of people with disabilities and (b) leveraging its influence in the cultural sector in Greater Philadelphia to change the programs and policies of its partners; it can create a critical mass of community pressure for change that will revolutionize the accessibility of the arts in Philadelphia to people with disabilities and set an example for the nation at large.

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