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Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

September 2022 $300,000 / 36 Months

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (“GHHI”) and the Philadelphia Energy Authority (“PEA”) have partnered on 1,000 Healthy Homes, a program that leverages the work of these two organizations to preserve affordable homes and improve health outcomes. 1,000 Healthy Homes is based on the GHHI Intervention Model, which is a unique, comprehensive process encompassing outreach, centralized intake, resident education, home assessment, health-related housing interventions and resident follow-ups. The partners anticipate completing housing interventions in at least 1,000 Philadelphia homes over three years impacting approximately 4,000 residents. By demonstrating outcomes, GHHI hopes to bolster the case for increased healthcare investment to address the social determinants of health that result in numerous inequities in Philadelphia and across the country.

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ProMedica Foundation, a Barra grantee